What is CHOKOTE?

Small Stoppage Losses on machines and lines, which can be eliminated by the operators within 5 minutes without service men are called CHOKOTE.

* Depending on the size and objectives of the facility, this period may vary between 1-10 minutes.

Continuous jamming of the screwdriver machine, clogging the machine from burrs, that require periodic intervention of operators are the examples of the Chokote.


Since operators often encounter these small stoppages and can solved themselves, Chokotes are not strange for them.


These losses usually do not disrupt the production process, so only the operator who intervenes in the fault will notice.


The most important criteria that should be taken into consideration when evaluating the Chokotes is not the duration of the stoppages, but the frequency of repetition. In this way, the most frequent stoppage will be prevented and operator motivation will increase.


When Chokote data is collected and analyzed, it is seen that they cause longer stoppages and losses than the biggest failure caused by the production process.


The root causes of Chokotes are usually identified and can be completely eliminated with simple interventions. It is very important for the responsible team to monitor the effectiveness of the regular improvement activities and ensure their continuity.

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